Reference List Template

A reference list template or list of reference is the list of sources that you have referred to in the main part of your assignment or considered in preparing a work. Usually it contains a comprehensive list of all the sources such as book, journal articles and websites that you have accused directly in your […]

Christmas Wish list template

Christmas Wish List Template

A Christmas wish list template is a listing of products and services that an individual or an organization desires. It is also known as want list. Creating a wish list is an efficient way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and also fulfills sales from the purchaser who showed intent but did not end purchasing. These […]

Head to Toe Assessment Template

Head To Toe Assessment Template

A head to toe assessment template is a physical process in which the systematic look to all aspects of patient’s health status which is necessary before the admission of a patient and done at the beginning of every checkup. This assessment includes all body system and findings will inform to the health care professional on […]

House Rent Receipt Template

Rent Receipt Format

A rent receipt format is simple document which confirms payments made on your home, apartment or shop. It is used to record the payment of rent for a certain period of time. The landlord or an agent must need to provide a tenant with a receipt for paying their rent. A rent receipt template must […]

Cash Receipt Template

Cash Receipt Template

A cash receipt template is a written document which includes an amount of money that is received by a company for products and services. It is an evidence of purchase issued when the buyer has paid in cash. Usually it is the receipt that is logged by a business every time cash is received for […]

Sales Receipt Template

Sales Receipt Template

The sales receipt template can be as the receipt that a person gets for some purchase of goods or services and used when you will receive full payment at the time of a sale. Usually it shows the date as well as time of a purchase, amount paid for each product, name of the store […]

Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Template

A payment receipt template is a proof of payment and acknowledgement that a product or device has been received and paid for. Usually it is for the buyer rather than for business and it is not used in accounting for digital goods. The receipts let the purchaser makes sure that their payment was received by […]

Missing Person Poster Form

People go missing on regular basis and in order to search them quickly their relatives try different measures. People goes to police to take their help but one of the most effective way is to place missing person poster on different places. You can put complete personality details and image of missing person for the […]

Training Manual Form

A Training manual template is used by businesses to give to their employees in order to let them understand what they are expected to do and what your expectations are with them. These are specifically prepared by every organization depending on the nature of your business. If you want to design a training manual then […]

Price Discount Form

It does not matter either you sell online or through a local store because you always require a price list to show to your customers. Price list template usually elaborate the cost of all items and helps your customers to shop easily. If you want to design a price list then you can download price […]