Partnership Contract Template

A partnership contract template is a written agreement between two or more individuals or parties who join as partners to form and carry on a for profit business. It is also known as articles of partnership. This agreement defines the relationship among the business partners their contributions and their individual responsibilities. These agreements are often complex and should cover all aspects of business conditions. A partnership agreement template governs the terms and regulations of the relationship between the partners along with percentages of ownership as well as distribution of profit or losses. The agreement is the best way to make sure that the personal and business relationship can survive in any situation.

Details of Partnership Contract Template

Generally a partnership contract template also explains the description of management, term of partnership, how the partnership can be terminated and how a partnership can by his/her share of partnership. These agreements usually contain some basic information such as partner’s names, contribution amounts, responsibilities of each partner, rights of each partner, withdrawal limits, disagreement procedure, procedure to add new partner, succession planning in case a partner dies, income and loss percentages. A partnership contract should be prepared when you start a partnership and lawyer should help you with the partnership agreement to make sure that you include all important questions to avoid disputes.

Generally a partnership contract sample outlines all the basic details in an agreement and all of these details are crucial. Basically the contract is set in place to deal with every possible circumstance where there may be disagreement, dispute or confusion. Here are some basic purposes of partnership contract such as it avoids state’s default rules, to have a control over who owns the company, avoid unwanted dissolution, capacity to reconstitute partnerships, reduce the impact of disputes, secure the business and the partner’s investment. A well written partnership contract should also include the provisions that protect the minority partners as well as majority partners.

Partnership Contract Template

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